—Mum,can I go shopping with Gina?
—Well,If I were you,I____homework first.


A.will do

B.have to finish<\/a>

C.must finish

D.would do

—Sorry,Dad.I am not getting on well with my studies.
—Well.________ you hadn’t wasted so much time playing online games.


A.As if

B.Even if

C.If only

D.Only if

“If I________ taking drugs,I would be a successful businessman now”, said the dying heroin addict.


A.didn’t start

B.haven’t started

C.hadn’t started

D.shouldn’t start

—Why do you look so upset?
—I broke up with my girlfriend.If only I ________more about her.




C.had cared

D.had been cared

—Sorry,Professor Smith.I didn't finish the assignment yesterday.—Oh,you have done it as yesterday was the deadline.",





I apologize if I_______ you,but I assure you it was unintentional.",


B.had offended

C.should have offended

D.might have offended

We would rather our daughter ______ at home with us,but it is her choice,and she is not a child any longer. ",

A.would stay

B.has stayed



When Edison died, it was proposed that the American people _______ all power in their homes,streets,and factories for several minutes in honor of this great man. ",

A.turn off

B.turned off

C.would turn off

D.had turned off

I'd rather you _____by train,because I can't bear the idea of your being in an airplane in such bad weather. ",

A.would go

B.should go


D.had gone

It was John who broke the window.Why are you talking to me as if I ____it?",

A.had done

B.have done


D.am doing