What_____________ of English Xu Gehui__________!",

A.good command; is at

B.a good command; is at

C.a good command; has

D.good commands; has

________it is to throw snowballs at each other on the playground after snow!",

A.How fun

B.What fun

C.What a fun

D.How funny

______ it is to go for a hikehttp://static.haoxue.com/tk/import/20150908170536/image003.gif in such lovely weather!",

A.How fun

B.How funny

C.What fun

D.What a fun

_____different life today is ________what it was 30 years ago",





—The CCTV reported that Premier Wen Jiabao played basketball with some students on Children's Day.— ! And Premier Wen always encourages us to study hard and do more sports.",

A.What amazing news

B.How amazing news

C.What an amazing news

D.How an amazing news

___ progress you have made this term!",

A.What great

B.How big

C.What a big

D.How rapid

"_____ your meeting is!" he offered them his sincere congratulations.",

A.How a great success

B.What a great success

C.How great success

D.What great success

The little boy came riding full speed down the motorway on his bicycle. ______ it was!",

A.What a dangerous scene

B.What dangerous a scene

C.How a dangerous scene

D.How dangerous the scene

What ________ of Japanese he_________!",

A.good command;is at

B.good command:has

C.good commands;has

D.good commands:is at

—_______ fine day! Shall we go out for a walk?—That sounds great!",



C.What a

D.How a