Few weight-loss pills can help to keep people slim,__________?",

A.do they

B.don’t they

C.can’t they

D.can they

Mr. Wang is very busy. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to come this evening,______? ",

A.won’t you

B.will he

C.aren’t I

D.is he

Many of your classmates dislike having to stay up late doing their lessons,_____? ",

A.do they

B.have they

C.don’t they

D.haven’t they

We don’t suppose he has achieved his goal,_________?",

A.has he

B.do we

C.don’t we

D.hasn’t he

Was it because Jack came late for school ________ Mr. Smith got angry?",





—John isn’t a football coach,is he?—__________.",

A.No,but he was

B.Yes,he isn’t

C.Yes,he wasn’t

D.No,he is

—Jack ,you shut the window quickly,______?—-Ok!Oh!The window is broken.",

A.do you

B.will you

C.didn’t you

D.don’t you

I told them not everybody could run as fast as you did,________.",

A.could he

B.didn’t I

C.didn’t you

D.could they

Not only he but also his daughter     considerate,   ?",

A.is;isn’t he

B.are;aren’t they

C.is;isn’t she

D.is;aren’t they

_______ get some medicine for my headache?",

A.Do you think where can I

B.Where do you think I can

C.Where you think I can

D.Where can you think I