In no time _______ me if he had any further information for pig flu..",

A.will he declare

B.he would notice

C.would he notify

D.he will note

Little Jim is going to spend his holiday in Paris, _____ lives his uncle.",





—Well, I do think the iPod is a smart, convenient and intelligent. 

A.So it is

B.So is it

C.So does it

D.So it does

Only when _____ the painting _____ decide whether the painting is worth buying.",

A.he sees, he can

B.does he see, can he

C.he sees, can he

D.sees he, he can

26.Not until I came home last night ________ to bed.",

A.Mum did go

B.did Mum go

C.went Mum

D.Mum went

—I can’t imagine Phelps was caught smoking on campus!

A.Nor am I

B.So do I

C.Me, too

D.Me, neither

In no city of China ______ little about the economic development.",

A.the government cares

B.does the government care

C.doesn’t the government care

D.the government doesn’t care

______ will Tom agree to change his mind about going abroad for further study.",

A.By all means

B.By no means

C.At some time

D.At any time

Not until the war was over _______ to school.",

A.that the children could go

B.the children couldn’t go

C.could the children go

D.the children could go

—I can’t imagine Phelps smoking marijuana (大麻).

A.Neither am I

B.So do I

C.Me, too

D.Nor can I