Betty’s English is _______ than _______ in the class.",

A.much better; anyone else

B.far better; anyone else’s

C.a lot better; anyone’s else

D.a great deal better; anyone’s else’s

Most people usually have less money at the end of the month than ____at the beginning.",

A.which is

B.which was

C.they have is

There were many more people who got injured in the big fire than ____.",

A.was reported was reported

C.were reported

D.they were reported

You’d better go there by train. The train ticket is __________the airplane ticket.", cheap three times as three times cheap as

C.three times cheaper than

D.cheaper three times than

You are driving too fast. Can you drive_________?",

A.more slowly a bit

B.slowly a bit more

C.a bit more slowly

D.slowly more bit

(2013,山东省聊城市高三模块检测,4)The boy doesn’t work hard enough at his lesson.As for his intelligence, he has_________ he can possibly make use of.",

A.other than

B.rather than

C.more than

D.less than

—Did you take enough money with you? —No,I needed _______ I thought 1 would.",

A.not so much as much as

C.much more t11an

D.much less than

I travel to the Binhai New Area by light railway every day, _____ do many businessmen who live in downtown Tianjin.",




John plays the piano _____, if not better than, David. But he never shows off in public.", well well as well well as

The teacher will give us an interesting talk _______ you said.", to

B.just as

C.just like that