This Englishman is good at writing, reading and _____ is kind to others.",

A.above all

B.first of all all

D.after all

He made a perfect landing. _______, he landed safely and correctly.",

A.In another word

B.In a word

C.In so many words

D.In other words

He came home after midnight, and____, he got drunk.",

A.worse still

B.that means

C.what’s the matter

D.what else

- It’s said that it will be extremely cold this winter. n
-- ______, the majority of the experts predict that the temperature will be normal.",

A.In other words

B.On the contrary

C.As a result

D.What’s more

I can’t tell you the exact time when I will get there. ____, I’ll be there as early as I can.",

A.No matter




---- ____?
---- Maybe the possible solutions to the air pollution.",

A.Do you think what they are talking about

B.Do you think what are they talking about

C.What do you think they are talking aobut

D.What do you think are they talking about

How do you think _________that he was an hour late on such a short jou ey?", came about

B.did it come about was come about

D.was it come about

If parents have children help with housework, the children will feel needed. ,they will lea to take care of themselves.",

A.On the contrary

B.In a word

C.That is to say

D.What’s more

(2010,浙江高考,18)—According to my grandma,it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold. —___________,scientists agree with her.",

A.Sooner or later

B.Once in a while

C.To be exact

D.Believe it or not

I’m amazed to hear from my school teacher again._________,it is ten years since we met last time.",

A.In a word

B.What’s more

C.That’s to say

D.Believe it or not