You can’t imagine _____ when they received these nice Christmas presents.", they were excited excited they were excited were they

D.they were how excited

While watching television, __________.",

A.the doorbell rang

B.the doorbell rings

C.they heard the doorbell rings

D.they heard the doorbell ring

More time, _____I’ll finish it all.",





— Oh, Rose. ______ you gave us!
— Really?",

A.How a pleasant surprise

B.How pleasant a surprise

C.What pleasant surprise

D.How pleasant surprise

I don’t think he could have done such a stupid thing last night, _____?",

A.did he

B.could he I

D.hasn’t he

— Shall I go and buy two more bottles of beer?
— No, I’ve already bought twenty. That _____ be enough for us two.",



C.ought to


Whether we’ll hold the sports meet depends on the weather, _____?",

A.won’t we

B.shan’t we

C.doesn’t it

D.won’t it

___ we are having today!",

A.What pleasant weather

B.What a pleasant weather

C.What pleasant whether

D.What a pleasant whether

___ to play with the kids!",

A.What a fun it is

B.What fun it is

C.How fun it is

D.How fun is it

To succeed in doing an experiment,________.",

A.carefulness is needed

B.carefulness is one needs needs to be careful need be careful