Shortly after the accident , two ______ police were sent to the spot to keep order .",

A.dozens of


C.dozen of


—What’s the time,please?
— It’s _________.",

A.half past nine

B.half to nine

C.nine half

D.half nine

The Yellow River is_________river in China.",

A.the second long

B.the second longest

C.the two long

D.the two longest 

people in the world are sending information by E-mail every day.",

A.Several million

B.Many millions

C.Several millions

D.Many million

Besides Tom, ________ Crosettes have two other sons, __________ of whom are all interested in making model planes.",

A.不填; two

B.不填; the two

C.the, three

D.the, the three

In the power plant more than_______of the workers are out ________strike.",

A.two-twelfths; on

B.two twelfth; in

C.two twelfths; in

D.two-twelfths; in

. The school’s music group will be giving a big show tomorrow night and two __________ on the weekend.",





The mountain village is my hometown. I spent _____ merry night there when
I was young.",

A.a great many

B.plenty of

C.many a

D.a great deal

The building is _____.",


B.twenty metre high


D.twenty metres high

It took us quite a long time to get to the amusement park. It was ___________ jou ey.",

A.three hour

B.a three-hours

C.a three-hour

D.three hours