———How can I succeed soon? ————Oh, be patient. Put your heart into your studies and you will ________.",

A.make it

B.get it

C.take it

D.turn it out

—Do you think I could borrow your bicycle?
— __________",

A.How come?

B.Take your time.

C.Yes, go on.

D.Yes, help yourself.

— Do remember to take this medicine three times a day with warm boiled water.
— _________.",

A.Heard it

B.Made it

C.Got it

D.Taken it

— I don’t think I will win a lottery (彩票) of 5,000,000 dollars in all my life.
—Well, ____ .Everything can happen.",

A.you can never tell

B.you’re kidding

C.what you say

D.you made it

–What’s the time, Tom? My watch doesn’t work.
--______ It’s five to ten.",

A.Let me see.

B.Take it easy

C.Yes, of course.

D.What for?

— I am gaining weight. I need to see a doctor.
— But I think you eat too much. ___________.",

A.Neglect of health is doctor’s wealth

B.Laugh at your ills, and save doctors’ bills

C.Diet cures more than the doctor

D.An apple a day keeps the doctor away

As the saying goes, _________. So take it easy and read the question slowly within then given time when you take the test.",

A.truth is the daughter of time.

B.no man is wise at all time.

C.easier said than done.

D.more haste, less speed.

---- It is said that Tom considered the English exam to be very difficult.
---- I have heard that, but he never studied hard. It is “______”.",

A.A burden of one's choice is not felt.

B.Actions speak louder than words.

C.A bad workman always blames his tools.

D.A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

---- It took me nearly 5 years to make a breakthrough in my field.
---- Well, you know what people say. _________.",

A.There is no smoke without fire.

B.Practice makes perfect.

C.All roads lead to Rome.

D.No pains, no gains.

---Why did you drop the chance of ea ing big money?
---______. You know, I don’t want to get rich by taking risks.",

A.All is well that ends well

B.One man’s meat is another’s poison

C.Better safe than sorry

D.No sweet without sweat