-----I have some big news for you. You’ve been accepted as a member of our club.
-----_______ That’s great!",

A.Have I ?



D.Good idea!

一I have a favour to ask you.

A.Go ahead

B.It’s a pleasure

C.Help yourself


---Don’t climb the ladder. It’s broken.

A.Why not?

B.Don’t mention it.

C.OK. Thank you.

D.So what?

— Would you mind ____ the window? It's hot here!
— ____.",

A.to open; No, please

B.open; Yes, please

C.opening; No, of course not

D.opening; Yes, please

— I wonder if I could use your mobile phone.
— ____.",

A.I wonder how

B.I don't wonder

C.Sorry, it's out of order

D.No wonder, here it is

————That was a green dinner. _______
————Thanks. But it really only took an hour.",

A.I have never had it before.

B.I enjoyed it very much.

C.You must have spent all day cooking.

D.You must be tired.

—I wonder if I could possibly use your car for tonight?
—_______. I’m not using it anyhow.",

A.Sure, go ahead

B.I don’t know

C.Yes, indeed

D.I don’t care

Most museums are just for looking. But today some of them have things for you to touch. The signs say, "________!"",

A.Be touching

B.To touch

C.Do touch

D.No touch

“You’ve left the light on.” “Oh, so I have. _____ and tu it off.”",

A.I’ll go

B.I’ve gone

C.I go

D.I’m going

---How do you find the movie you saw last night?
---_______. I just saw half of it ",